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professional distribution of your production on the Russian market

Dear sirs!

Complect-Technika, ltd works in the Russian market more than 15 years and deals with the supply of imported spare parts and accessories for production facilities.

We have long experience of cooperation with many foreign companies.

We can not became great seller of your production, but we could organize the distribution of your production in the distribution network in Russia.

This means:

  • Translation to Russian language information about your products (for web page and overview brochure);


  • Developingthesite on the Russian language;


  • Online promotion of website for increasing the number of visitors;


  • Overview brochure printed in Russian language (1000, 2000 pieces);


  • Sending brochures to our customer database;


  • The organization of trade fairs and seminars;


  • Analysis and processing of incoming requests;


  • Formation of summary order due to the incoming requests from customers


For detailed information please contact our specialists. We are always ready to answer all your requests.

За более подробной информацией обращайтесь к нам: ООО "Комплект-Техника"
+7 (495) 646-17-85;
e-mail: komplteh@gmail.com
+7 (383) 348-71-73;
+7 (383) 348-72-88
Факс: +7 (383) 308-72-27
e-mail: komteh@siberian.ru
+7 (812) 490-76-32
Нижний Новгород:
+7 (831) 212-36-75
e-mail: komplteh@gmail.com
+7(863) 303-20-45
+7 (343)237-24-36
e-mail: komplteh@gmail.com
+7(843) 210-09-27

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